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Our approach for the candidate is simple. We get to know you first so we can find the best environment for you. No unnecessary testing.

We specialize in permanent placements in the Alberta legal community. Through KVP’s work for over 40 years in the legal community we have developed a reputation for excellence and trust. Our long-standing client relationships will bring you the best opportunities and the most options to choose from.

Your relationship with us and your personal information will always be treated with the utmost confidentiality and respect. We will not forward your resume to our client until we have your permission and have disclosed to you the details of the opportunity.

We understand that a large part of your life is spent in your work environment. That’s why we spend such a large part of our effort on the evaluation process. We care about your well-being, and want you to be content with your job.


Let KVP make your job search efficient and successful.

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Current Job Listings

*Please note that not all of our opportunities are listed on-line.

We are continuously recruiting for positions in the legal field:

  • Legal assistants
  • Paralegals
  • Lawyers and Associates
  • Law clerks
  • Administrators
  • Reception